By The Sway Posted March 9, 2020 in FengSway

When it comes to finding a home, we all have high standards, and Kirby Construction Group sets a bar high enough for Shaq to limbo under.

Whether building custom or spec, Pinehurst natives Matt Kirby and Jacob Kirby have never arrived at a sale by taking a shortcut; and Carrie, a licensed realtor with an eye for craftsmanship, has made the perfectionist trio complete. Kirby Construction Group built their reputation on a foundation of client trust, and they’ll never leave you on read.

Carrie Kirby - Kirby Companies LLC

“We are from here, and we care about this town,” says Carrie, also a Pinehurst native. “We really do set those high expectations, and always want to deliver.”

Want to build your own home — or want Carrie to help find a home you can make your own?